Cubo 15 Inch Speaker Plan

Cubo 15 is the previous generation of Cubo 18. The size of it is 62 x 62 x 62cm in height x width x depth. The frequency starts from 40 Hz to 110 Hz. What about the enclosure type of it? The enclosure type is hybrid.
Final result Cubo 15 Speaker Plan
Final result Cubo 15 Speaker Plan

The Driver For Cubo 15

The recommended driver for Cubo 15 is Kappapro-15lf-2 , Kappalite-3015lf , Kappa-15lf or driver with EBP 100 or even higher than it; Fs (27-50 Hz), Qts (0,21 - 0,41), Vas (150 - 300 L) / (7,4 - 11,1 ft^ 3). For the EB is Fs / Qts (it’s actually Fs / Qes). Here is more details about cubo 15 speaker plan design:
DesignerCubo 15
FrequencyFrom 40 Hz up to 110 Hz
Enclosure TypeHybrid
Recommended DriversKappalite-3015lfKappapro-15lf-2kappa-15lf 

What Is Cubo 15?

Cubo 15 is the multifunction bass bin which can stand alone. It will be the same as Cubo 18 which comes out to run the single 18 “BR*. It has the same size. That starts from ~40 Hz or even it has high sensitivity. This speaker doesn’t benefit the expensive driver. The drivers are Kappa 15LF, Eminence 3015LF, dan Kappa 15LF Pro **. It has on sheet of ***18 mm or 244 x 122 cm or 8` x 4` cut-list with the single angled cut. You have to know that the cost of Cubo 15 is so much effective, small, and also light based on the KISS principle.

More info about Cubo 15 Speaker Plans.

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