Mini Scooper Speaker Plan 18 Inch

Mini scoop 18 inch is a kind of box that can be used for keeping the audio sound system. This box is usually used for the outdoor activity like live music, concert, and also organ. By using this box, the sound will be smoother but thick and strong.

This mini scoop speaker box will also be used for the hall and indoor activity. It creates the good quality of bass in a smooth way. Sometimes, this box is also useful for creating sound inside the car. Even though it cannot have the same shape as the common box, but it is common for the sound mini coop. The mini coop for the car will be adjusted to the room inside the car.
Mini scooper 18 inch - Speaker plan details
Mini scooper 18 inch - Speaker plan details

Kinds of Mini Scoop 18 Inch

Mini scoop 18 inch has many kinds of sub bass box speaker. The most favorite sub bass that people love is planar horn speaker. Even though each sub bass has its own weakness and strength, it can be easy to create it. The simple mini coop box is the easiest one to make even for the amateur.

How to Create Mini Scoop 18 Inch

There are few things to consider before creating a mini scoop. First of all, to make a mini scoop for speaker, it will be better to use triplex as the material. Avoiding to add another particle to this mini scoop because it must be dry to keep the sound. A wet particle will cause broken mini scoop. To get a better result, the triplex in 18 mm or 2 centimeters can be used for the 15” speaker.

Another material is the wooden glue. This glue is very useful to resist the air from the outside. If the air comes inside, it will break the sound of the bass. So, this glue has to be put in the space between the cut-triplex.

Then, use nails and couplers to connect the cut-triplex together. Usually, these nails and couplers are put in the corner of the triplex. The couplers is used to strengthen the connected triplex so it will not break when the bass on.

Air-proofed foam will also be useful to limit the air. It will make the room inside the box resistant to the air. This foam can be changed with the common foam for the bed. However, the foam must be 5 centimeters width.
Mini scooper speaker box
Mini scooper speaker box

Mini scoop 18 inch will be more attractive, so it needs to be painted. Get a textured-paint to cover the body. Choose the water resistant paint so it will last longer.

Speaker PlanMini Tapped Horn MTH-30
FrequencyStart from 40 to 200Hz
Enclosure TypeScoop (Super Scooper)
Recommended DriverPD1850, v18-1000, v18-1200, 18tbx100, 18LW1400 or SD18 
DesignersStipe Ercegovic

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