The Measurements of Bandpass Design

Bandpass Design is an electronic filter than can transmit the used frequency. This frequency must have a specific limit. Sometimes, this bandpass also relates to the optical device that have the absorbing filters. It uses the predetermined wavelengths to transmit the electromagnetic wave. In short, this bandpass will be really helpful in giving a clear voice without distortion.
Bandpass design speaker box
Bandpass design speaker box

In a sound system field, this bandpass is really useful and beneficial. The bandpass can help you to create a good output. So, the number of each tool and device is matching and well measured. Therefore, it can create a good sound output which is clear and smooth without any distraction.

What Measurement for Bandpass Design?

Bandpass Design has its own standard or the parameters for input the number or scale. There is a parameter that can be the guide in setting the input for the bandpass. Here is the detail information and explanation for the parameter.
  • Qts : 0.342
Qts is the total amount of the speaker in Q
  • Qes : 0.353
This is the electrical speaker Q
  • Fs : 24 hz
Fs is the resonance of the free air in the speaker. It usually in the amount of Hz.
  • Vas : 186.16 liters
This Vas is the air volume which is same to the characteristic of speaker spring, amount in liters.
  • Pmax : 500 watts
Pmax is the driver’s maximum power and it is counting in watts
  • Diameter : 30.38 cm
This is the diameter of the used driver and available in cm
  • Xmax : 6 mm
Xmax is the number of the movement of the cone just in one direction and it is compatible in mm
  • Dp : 16 cm
Dp is also the diameter but this one is the port diameter and cm is proper measurement.
  • Ports : 1
This is the number of used ports in one driver.

Even though the parameter can be set in this way, it can also be adjusted as the user wish. There is Gain and Ripple that can be suited.

To create a good output, every unit must be matched with the amount. It must be following the parameters, use the right centimeters for the diameter and use liters for the volume. Bandpass Design should be designed in a very good approximation in which its box must be matched with the parameters.

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