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Ghatotkacha Full Movie | घटोत्कच | Animated Movie For Kids

By Kids Stories In Hindi, On 25 Jun 2016

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    GHATOTKACH is the son of PANDAVA BHIM and HIDIMBA, a demon. From childhood GHATOTKACHA was a coward and was bullied by all his friends that made him cry. HIDIMBA sends him to his NANAJI to take out the fear from his mind and make him strong.

    NANAJI starts training GHATOTKACHA and introduces him to the demon powers. A huge and evil demon JANGO JINGAL was behind the secret of the magical KADHA being prepared by NANAJI that will bring supernatural powers to one who drinks it. Finally NANAJI manages to make the magical KADHA. GHATOTKACHA and NANAJI dance and sing in happiness. Suddenly JANGO JINGAL arrives and takes NANAJI away throwing little GHATOTKACHA unknowingly into the huge bowl filled with the magical KADHA. This makes him stronger and even more powerful! GHATOTKACHA enters the den of JANGO JINGAL and fights the evil demon and frees his NANAJI! Now GHATOTKACHA was not afraid of anyone.

    Now the time had come for the great task for which GHATOTKACHA was born! The war between the PANDAVAS and KAURAVAS starts. BHIM calls upon his son to fight the war from their side and GHATOTKACHA arrives like true devoted son to serve his father.

    That's 'GHATOTKACHA', the story of a young and frightened kid who goes on to become a hero of the greatest war fought on the land that came to be known as MAHABHARATA!"

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